Samantha Grimes

Samantha Grimes


Samantha Grimes is a left-handed-upside down guitar player that pens catchy and thought provoking songs.  Currently on Return Records / The Orchard / Sony.  Samantha performs live with bassist Jon Larson and drummer Nick Engelhart.  


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Press photos

Big V's Saint Paul, MN

Big V's Saint Paul, MN

Live Video

Press / Reviews

"Major Alanis vibes!  Absolutely love the 90s signature sound. Very well written song with excellent textures and atmosphere in the rhythm section" - Justin Brodsky of NBC Universal.

"Track is blazing. We love the energy" - Real Spit Radio

"I recently picked up the album ‘Trilogy’ by Samantha Grimes off Amazon, and have enjoyed playing it on my car radio to the detriment of whatever sinister program to control airplay secretly exists. 

Samantha has a significant following on her Facebook page, and regularly creates delightful new compositions that are not hindered by the artificial corporate polish of most Billboard singles. I suggest following her musical adventures where she will often post snippets of works in progress which she performs with skill and enthusiasm." - Walter Rhein Newsbreak.

"Grimes is very much a local success story, and local artists only reach her level of success with the continuing support of the community. Grimes is poised to be the next artist from Wisconsin to follow the footsteps of Chris Kroeze." Walter Rhein Newsbreak

Stage plot & tech rider

Stage Plot 3 Piece Stage Plot including drums, acoustic guitar, vocals and bass. 289 KB

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