Samantha has been playing stringed instruments since she was old enough to put rubber bands between dresser knobs.

Left-handed and upside down, she has been writing and performing music for the past two decades.

Samantha is a 2022 Josie Music Award nominee for Rising Star, 2X ISSA award nominee for Entertainer of the Year and Songwriter of the Year.  She has also won back to back Best of the Valley awards for best musician/band.  "Trainwreck" is currently played in over 35 markets worldwide and collective streams are nearing 200k.  "Believe" "Kingmaker" and "Modern Severance (Reprise) are also enjoying their time in the sun with thousands of streams.  "Black Eyeliner" is the latest release and was recorded at the IPR in Minneapolis, MN USA.  


She is joined live by "The 53s" bassist Jon Larson and drummer Nick Engelhart - both incredibly gifted singer/songwriters in their own right.