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Are you looking for a new artist on the Americana scene? Meet Samantha Grimes! She writes music indicative of the roots she grew up with, contributing as a standout in the Americana and folk-inspired genres. She is currently open to working with booking agents and other industry professionals.

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Writing music with roots in the Midwest

Folk, blues, country and more combine to create the iconic sound of Americana grown in the Midwest. With hits like "Wendy Darling," "Wrong Horse" and "Trainwreck," Samantha Grimes brings her own perspective to Americana and "murder folk" music.

The rich ballad tradition of this genre can be seen in her lyricism and storytelling, and the musical influence of American music shows itself in her arranging and melodic style. Interested in her music? Check out the Latest Music page now.

Find out more about the artist

For the past two decades, Samantha Grimes has been playing and writing music whenever she could. She grew up playing any stringed instrument she could get her hands on, and she's proud to have built a career doing what she loves. She:

  • Performs live solo and with a backline
  • Has an amazing discography for listeners to explore
  • Writes her own music and collaborates with other artists

Samantha Grimes is also a two-time Josie Music Award nominee for the Rising Star award, nominated in 2022 and 2023. Contact her today if you have any questions about her booking schedule.

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